Sep 262016

Cannabis - good for so much!At The Chad Smokeshop 420, we believe cannabis should be legalized across the board. While we wait for that glorious day, we must become educators of those less knowledgeable regarding the use and benefits of cannabis. Some people have crazy misconceptions when it comes to cannabis because nobody has ever explained the truth behind the myth.

It’s up to us to explain the truth, so we found a great article by Legalize it! We Think. The article, seen below, puts together the most common myths and the facts to discredit them! What a handy tool in our drive for legalization! Share it at will!

If there was a single justifiable reason why cannabis is illegal, it wouldn’t be so annoying. Literally, just one specific piece of evidence to suggest that it really is worth investing billions in the control of cannabis production, distribution and indeed prosecutions. But there isn’t, and chances are there never will be.

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History Of The Modern Worlds Oldest Compassion Club

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Jan 292016

This month the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is celebrating 20 years of publicly providing cannabis products to patients.  There is a lot to celebrate.  While the recent victories of the club have been well documented, the early history is not so well known….”

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Mother of teen treated with medicinal cannabis disputes claim it didn’t help

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Jan 192016

The mother of a Nelson teenager who died while being treated with medicinal cannabis says a report that the drug did nothing to help his illness is wrong.

Alex Renton was 19 when he died last year after nearly three months in Wellington Hospital with “status epilepticus” – a kind of prolonged seizure.

He was the first person in New Zealand to be granted Elixinol after Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne approved the one-off use after more than 20 conventional treatments had been exhausted.

At the time he was administered Elixinol, his mother, Rose Renton, said his high temperature had dropped, his seizures stopped and he was “noticeably calmer”.

It was later revealed that Rose Renton had been secretly dosing her son with medicinal cannabis weeks before it was approved.

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