The internet is flooded with information about almost everything and vapes or vaporizers are no exception. With all that’s been uploaded in the vast cyberspace, it’s really hard to filter the best available information. From redundant and surplus news to the information that really matters, blog sites and dedicated vape bloggers and reviewers deliver both updated and archived information about everything vaporizers. It all boils down to finding that legit repository of vape information from the blog sites who only claim to be like so. Many vape companies who hire writers that have no actual experience or background or even just the slightest hint of understanding the vaping lifestyle create a grey area in the system in exchange for poorly written and sometimes misinformed articles. Vape newcomers who encounter these written pieces most of the time are faced with confusing details of knowledge that are of no benefit to them at all.

Today, I’ll show you my list for some of the most reliable vape blogs with the most visited sites that have dependable information for some of the latest vaporizer units, materials, and vape news. These sites release the best, unbiased reviews as well as the most relevant topics that beginners and even seasoned veterans will find useful. So without further ado, let’s begin our countdown for the best vaporizer blog sites.

Intro to Blogging and Vape Blog Sites

Blogging originated as a web-based journal like a log or a weblog (weblog – blog). Blogs are interesting written pieces and articles since it involves the personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions of the writer or the author. Through the years, most have observed that because of this particular element unique to blogging, it has effectively drawn hundreds and even thousands of readers daily making it the perfect conduit of information that’s readily available at the tip of your fingers — with the help of internet or data connection of course — and can easily be accessed either through your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Since the inception of vaporizers, many people have turned to the internet to either share their experiences or search for information. Those who are interested to try vaping look for similar blogs from people who have posted their first vape encounter. Advanced users tend to look for information about new vape news from people who write blogs and articles about their experiences from attending vape conventions and conferences. All these information contribute to what we see now as a flourishing community of vape enthusiasts, connecting vape aficionados from almost everywhere in the world, passing on the knowledge that makes vaping safer and a more enjoyable culture and lifestyle.

Blogging or managing a blog site is a tedious task, that’s why the internet is cluttered with abandoned sites that have outdated details that could lead to inaccurate or even deceptive information. There has been much news about vaporizers circulating on the internet that are released by anti-vape communities and there are old blog sites that have obsolete information about how vaporizers work and how it affects the human body. Through the help of recent tests and studies, vaping has slowly reached a mainstream level and has been accepted and even encouraged in most countries as a healthy alternative to smoking and updated blog sites have helped spread the news about the positive benefits of vaping around the world.

To help you get to the best blog sites here’s the list of my top picks for the best vaporizer blog sites.

TVG – The Vape Guide

The Vape Guide or TVG is a “small group of avid vapers that came together to guide users when buying a new vaporizer and reduce the guesses you have to make” when deciding on which to buy for your first vape or even if you’re just looking to add something new to your arsenal. I personally find TVG educational when looking up the latest weed tech and in vaporizers in general. They post reviews from portable vaporizers to vape pens that are helpful especially when you’re looking to compare different vaporizers. Their years of experience helps them provide an unbiased opinion for you to make an informed and smart choice.

It’s good to know that these folks get a small commission from vaporizers purchased through their blog site but you can see that whatever they get are used to maintain TVG’s blog site. TVG’s blog is easy to the reader’s eyes and is laid out without too much going on, you can easily get to where you want to be without much of a fuss. TGV has been posting blogs for years now and their reviews and top picks are considered the best in the industry. They’re an authority in this field and most manufacturers consider it an honor to be featured on their reviews and top picks.

The Vape Critic

The Vape Critic blogs can be closely related to TVG since blogs from The Vape Critic also focuses on reviews and informing the vape community. What differentiates The Vape Critic from The Vape Guide is that apart from writing blogs The Vape Critic also does videos, and they’re transcribed, readily available should you need to ingest The Vape Critic’s knowledge word for word. What’s more is that The Vape Critic is an interactive blog site and takes into consideration the reader’s review requests and comments.

Bud, the man behind The Vape Critic gives his viewers and readers a perfect balance of the good and the bad things he finds about a certain vaporizer. He’s definitely open for blog and video feedback and you can hit him up for some vape advice and answers vape questions by way of his own moderated vape forum.

Synchronized Smoking

Finally, an up and coming blog site for marijuana vaporizers that provide unbiased reviews on vaporizers from a daily consumer’s perspective. Synchronized Smoking is all about straight up honest opinions about today’s weed tech and vape news. This blog site isn’t exactly about business and getting revenues from sales and promotions. It’s just the plain, unadulterated opinion of a man using vaporizers every day, I mean you can’t get any raw than that.

Synchronized Smoking’s blog posts reflect the common concerns and standpoint of the actual consumers, it’s probably the best place to start reading blogs most especially if you’re new to vaping.

So what do you guys think? Give these sites a visit and bookmark them in your browsers if you like them. Don’t forget to leave your top picks for vape blog sites in the comments section below.

Post Author: Chad420Vapes