The Chad Smokeshop 420 Ltd grew from a small idea into five retail establishments and a booming warehouse within ten years.  Lead by entrepreneur Chad Wentworth, the retail chain has carved a path of community acceptance while at the same time challenging the very laws by which it is governed.  In an effort to educate local authorities, the public, concerned citizens and culture enthusiasts, Chad branded himself, and his knowledge, into the empire you see today.

He is The Chad Smokeshop 420 Ltd.

Chad, along with a team of trusted confidantes and staff, set about opening up each store with the same look and brand he saw as his vision.  His success to date is a reflection of his passion for the culture to which he finds himself drawn, and the leadership qualities he exudes are an example for others to follow. His knowledge for the industry is beyond compare, and he has branded his passion accordingly.

The Chad keeps Growing!

His passion and vision continue to grow, and he is always seeking the right path to bring about the changes so necessary today.  He is a kind man, compassionate and always seeking a win-win situation in all his undertakings.  He is about loyalty, enthusiasm, making change, and pushing the limits and wishes nothing less in return.

This journey is not without challenges, but Chad continues to look for new ways and new connections to help others realize their passion as well!

We are thrilled to embark on the next steps in this journey!